One of my earliest memories is taking a long, meandering walk in the late afternoon, down a country lane and out into the woodland. I recall trenching through the mud and the inevitable happening… my welly getting stuck. Beyond recovery, it was reluctantly abandoned and I limped home with a soggy right foot.

In a fragmented way that’s a place of beginning.

Feelings of passing through the world and discovering beauty that exists around us that we are otherwise distracted from or numbed to.

In a very simple way, the job of the artist is to show you something that other people wouldn’t have seen (not always in a literal sense).

The collections here follow these feelings and juxtapose them with humour, and an insight that reveals the nature in which we affect the physical world.

It has been a process of discovery, the foundation of which started roughly 4 years ago. Like any other photo it asks us to see what it is, yet it’s as much about the exact content as it is about the ideas and feelings within the photo; what it says about ourselves, and that connection between photographer, image, and viewer.


Available for assignments and commissions, please contact me directly to discuss.

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